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Clothes Looking Dull?

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Do the colors of your laundry look a little dull? It could be caused by hard water.

Minerals found in hard water can cause laundry to look dingy and fabric to feel rough. Having a water softener can do more than just keep your clothes bright.

Soft water helps clean more effectively, allowing you to use less laundry detergent. It also naturally softens your laundry, so ditching that fabric softener might be an option too. Minerals found in hard water can be damaging to fabric fibers. Using soft water can help extend the life of your clothes. Put all this together and that equals money savings in the long run.

Water softener systems are an effective solution to combat dull laundry issues caused by hard water. Aquatana can help! Learn more about our water softeners at

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