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Drinking Water Week

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. 97% of that water is salt water that cannot be consumed unless the salt is removed. That is a difficult and expensive process. 

Two percent of the water on earth is glacier ice found at the North and South Poles. This ice is made of fresh water but it is too far away to be melted and used.

Less than one percent of all the water on earth is usable fresh water. This small amount of water is used for drinking, heating and cooling and more.

We depend on quality drinking water daily. This is why it is so important to protect our water source. Drinking Water Week is May 5th - 11th and we are celebrating by educating kids in our community about where drinking water comes from. Preschool and elementary aged kids can enjoy a free 1/2 liter of Aquatana bottled water by coloring this activity page and turning it in to Aquatana at 125 Montana Ave in Havre by May 11th.

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