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Seeing Spots?

All of the fresh water in the world originally falls as rain, snow or sleet. As precipitation seeps through soil and rocks, it gathers hard­ness, usually associated with dissolved calcium and other mineral deposits. Most homes have hard water, whether it is supplied by a private well or a municipality. In many cases, homeowners don't realize they have hard water or the harm it causes.  Hard water does more than just make your dishes spotted.  Dry skin and hair, bathtub ring, spots on glass and silverware, dull, dingy clothing, disappointing performance and a shortened life expectancy of water-using appliances are all problems frequently caused by hard water.  It can be costly too.

Aquatana home water softeners can reduce the problems hard water causes in your home.  Water softening systems reduce the contaminants associated with hard water that cause negative side effects. With a water softener you will reap the benefits of easier cleaning, sparkling dishes, shinier hair, softer skin and brighter, softer laundry.  In addition, you may cut down costs on high energy bills. You may also reduce the amount of soap, detergent, electricity and gas used in conjunction with cleaning or heating your water.

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